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2017 world leading street lamp manufacturer directory

2017-07-18  Zhejiang Ienergy Lighting Co.,Ltd. Views: 1183

The world's 12 companies are listed on the world's leading street lamp manufacturers list

Market Research firm Depth Market Research is a leading provider of industry and Market Research services in the United States.Depth Market Research provides reliable and efficient Market Research and consulting services around the needs of customers, with high authority.

Depth Market Research has conducted in-depth Research on the global street lamp Market and forecasts the Market for 2017-2022.

The report will be street markets around the world is divided into the United States, China, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and so on a number of key areas, in these areas the lamps on the market enterprise from sales, price, revenue and market share was analyzed, and the screening out of 12 leading street lamp manufacturers.

Frequently on the photoelectric and Koninklijke Philips N.V, Cree , General Electric , Eaton Eaton, Osram Licht , Acuity Brands, Hubbell , Thorn Lighting  Thorn, LED Roadway Lighting, Syska LED, Virtual Extension, and other 11 foreign famous enterprises listed together, become China's only a list the name list of the LED Lighting business.

Domestic LED lighting companies only make the list

The list of the only photoelectric LED lighting enterprises frequently, headquarters is located in dongguan city, is the first domestic enterprises into the LED lighting applications, high power LED street light is one of the main business, the company as early as 2007 issued the first high power LED street light products.

After more than 20 years of development, often in the photovoltaic industry has been praised as "the king of street lights, and to strong technical level to become the industry's leading supplier of semiconductor lighting products and integrated solutions.Especially in the field of outdoor lighting, frequently on the photoelectric products in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, more than 100 countries and regions in the world has been widely applied, has become a global industry the most mature application engineering case, one of the most leading enterprise technology.In Asia, America, Europe and other major markets in the world, "KINGSUN" brand already has high visibility and reputation.

The high speed penetration of LED street lamp market becomes a new trend

In recent years, the market penetration rate of LED street lamp in China has increased rapidly.According to the national semiconductor lighting project development and research industry alliance production department statistics show that permeability of more than 7% in 2011, and 2012 11%, 2013 19%, 2015 domestic LED lights market scale is reached 25 billion yuan, in 2016, our country LED road lighting products more than 48% of the overall market penetration.

That coincide with domestic LED street lamp lighting market development, India, Russia, southeast Asia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand), Latin America, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia) and emerging markets such as Australia, rushed to open the LED street lamp installation project, market is also developing rapidly.