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G20 - LED lighting summit in 2017

2017-07-18  Zhejiang Ienergy Lighting Co.,Ltd. Views: 1136

The 1st CEO meeting (hereinafter referred to as the "G20 meeting") was successfully held in guangzhou on June 10, 2017.Member enterprises - guangdong jingke electronics co., LTD.

Two, a total of 15 member enterprises to attend the G20 meeting, including middle packaging companies - tyco electronics, the starlight electric crystal, wooden Tomlinson, hong god KuangTong electronics, lianchuang optoelectronic, currency, power supply and IC companies - Ming microelectronics, MAO power supply, health, science and technology, equipment companies, photoelectric, new yi chang, downstream lighting company, sunlight illumination, mitsuo aurora, jiamei yu lighting lighting, light.

The theme of this G20 meeting is the supply chain + intelligence, which is the future.The LED industry is entering a new cycle of growth.In addition to lighting and display, new applications are also important factors to lead the industry.

At the supplier level, the trend of Evergrande is becoming more and more obvious, and only enterprises that improve their operating efficiency, profitability and capacity can survive.Small and medium-sized enterprises tend to do more in niche markets.

With the increasing pressure of manufacturing cost, enterprises are facing the need to improve their productivity every year.Factory digitization management combines robot production and intelligent warehouse logistics to solve low efficiency and quality problems more effectively.

Four, the G20 members agree that the current global LED manufacturing capacity, China in recent years, including international companies have high-quality Chinese enterprises as its capacity expansion of cooperation.On the one hand, the scale effect of China's LED enterprises appears, and the cost advantage is obvious.On the other hand, Chinese enterprises have greatly improved their strength in technology, products and technology, and their competitiveness is strengthened.

In particular, the market competitiveness of Chinese enterprises in the medium and high-end products has been recognized by the market, and the quality of products has been close to that of the international factory.This is different from the traditional brand in the past, more is seeking technical cooperation and innovation, the most obvious phenomenon is to switch from OEM to ODM.

In addition, Chinese enterprises and international major factories have begun to develop in the joint research and development of technology and products.It also shows that Chinese companies are building their own international brands from pure Chinese manufacturing to international markets.

Five, the G20 members agree that in the new cycle of industrial development, in addition to the traditional general lighting, display market, including automotive lighting, lighting plants, uv, ir, intelligent lighting new market segments such as flowers.Some new market segments have begun to contribute to the performance and become the new profit growth points for the future.

At the same time, the above new market segment also means that enterprises still need to increase investment in technology r&d, capacity building and market development.It will also drive a new wave of investment in the LED industry.The car lighting and plant lighting are the most representative.

Automobile lighting: as the automobile industry rapidly enters electric and intelligent turning point, the traditional automobile supply chain pattern will change radically.Traditional car lighting market will continue to benefit the import substitution, whether the light source or the whole lamp, the localization ratio will continue to ascend.

At the same time, the market supply chain is more viscous in the front of the vehicle. Compared with general lighting market, the competition of automobile lighting is more emphasized on the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.

Plant lighting: the state over the next few years will continue to promote the agricultural modernization, to speed up the transformation of the mode of agricultural development, efficient, safe, saving, and environment friendly agriculture modernization of science and technology will be the direction of the future key support.

Link precision control of intelligent lighting and light is the inevitable trend of modern facility agriculture science and technology development, with rapid increase in the number, the related LED technology mature, lower production cost, LED lighting products plant prices will decline rapidly, help LED lighting agricultural application of rapid infiltration in the future.

The G20 members of the meeting agreed that the competition in the upstream field of LED industry has become clear and the concentration of production capacity is high.

The competition in the field of packaging and packaging has also been transitioned from the "spring and autumn period" to the "warring states period".The number of enterprises is further reduced and market share tends to focus.The size of the packaging enterprises in the size of packaging enterprises is rapidly opening distance from small and medium-sized packaging enterprises.

The competition pattern of the downstream lighting area is clear, and the traditional lighting enterprises have completed the LED transfer.At the same time, in the first half of this year, the market performance of the above lighting companies presented a "off-season" phenomenon.On the one hand, market demand is still being released and market concentration is strengthening.

Members of the G20 meeting agreed that China's participation in global competition is at a critical stage.

On the one hand, continued overseas mergers and acquisitions are speeding up the "patch" of Chinese companies, including patents, overseas channels and brands;On the other hand, Chinese companies are gradually taking "market share out of the big factories", as international factories continue to "withdraw" from the general lighting market competition and capacity transfer.

In addition, the pattern of global LED patent networks will change over the next few years as Chinese companies increase their engagement in global markets.Chinese companies will become the norm through patent licensing cooperation and overseas acquisitions.

Members of the G20 meeting agreed that demand for smart lighting was gradually being released.

Household lighting area, promote quickly benefit from artificial intelligence technology, intelligent household ecosystem gradually improve, including communications, the Internet giants such as speeding up household intelligent technology commercialization, intelligent lighting will single intelligence from the past, to merge with the depth of the whole household intelligent devices.

In the field of commercial lighting, the retail industry has changed dramatically in recent years. The trend of online and offline integration has become clear, and the offline scene is becoming the focal point of e-commerce giant's layout.At the same time, the retail scene is developing from the past single display to interactive experience, and the demand for business intelligence is rapidly improved.

In the field of outdoor lighting, benefits from the continuous policy dividend of smart city and night tour economy, and the rapid development of outdoor landscape lighting and building lighting market demand.The owner's demand for illumination has changed from the single function of the past to the diversified demand of intellectualization, dynamic and digitalization.

Members of the G20 meeting agreed that it was clear that the LED industry was entering a new cycle of growth.There are a lot of new changes compared to the previous cycle.

1. The industry is becoming more differentiated.

2. Market competition is shifted from "home market" to "global market".

3. The competition for new market segments is "more intense".

4. The trend of "virtual vertical integration" of industrial chain appears